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What's New

What's New

29 Jun 2021
[Notice of the Change of the Rate of Stamp Duty on HK Stock Transaction]

According to the “Revenue (Stamp Duty) Bill 2021”, the rate of stamp duty payable on contract notes for the sale or purchase of Hong Kong stocks will be increased from 0.1% to 0.13% of transaction amount with effect from 1 August 2021. We will revise the rate of stamp duty to 0.13% of transaction amount accordingly.

3 May 2021
[Notice of New Arrangement for Two-Factor Authentication]

In order to comply with the Securities and Futures Commission’s requirements and enhance the protection of client’s assets, starting from 5 June 2021, we will not deliver a one-time password by email to your registered email(s) for you to login to your internet trading account(s). Instead, a one-time password will be delivered via short messaging service to a client’s registered mobile phone number for authentication.

11 Dec 2020
[HK Exchange News]

Pursuant to the Operational Trading Procedures for Options Trading Exchange Participants of the Stock Exchange the trading fee tier levels of the stock option classes will be changed, effective from 4 January 2021, pls. click for the details.