Kingsway Financial Services
Group Limited
SEHK & HKFE Participant     SFC CE No ADF346



28 May 2021

Kingsway Financial Services Group Limited (“KFS”) warns against fraudsters pretending to be staff of KFS in order to defraud investors of money.

KFS would like to alert the public of fraudsters pretending to be staff of KFS or its holding company, Sunwah Kingsway Capital Holdings Limited (“Sunwah Kingsway”) in order to defraud investors of money. These fraudsters will contact the public online or through social media and impersonate staff of KFS or Sunwah Kingsway. The fraudsters will then pretend to open a securities account with you. The fake account opening process is conducted entirely online. Once the fraudsters trick you into believing an account is opened, they will request that you deposit a sum of money into an individual bank account.

Additionally, from time to time on the Internet or in direct marketing channels, there are non-authorised entities that may claim themselves as partners of SWK or KFS. You should never make deposit into bank accounts in the name of non-authorised entities.

Please note that KFS has no connection with such deceptive practices, does not open accounts solely online and does not, under any circumstances, request clients to transfer funds to bank accounts that are not under KFS’s name.

Please be aware that

  (1)   KFS does not offer online account opening.

  (2)   SWK and KFS do not offer clients any service involving cryptocurrency.

  (3)  We are aware of the following fraudulent websites, including, but not limited to:

SWK and KFS declare that we have no connection with the aforesaid fraudulent website. For fraud prevention, you are alerted not to download or connect to the said trading platform through other sources or channels.

KFS (CE No. ADF346) has been registered with the Securities and Futures Commission (the “SFC”) of Hong Kong. The licence details and records of KFS and our licensed staff are all available on the SFC’s website. Please refer to the following link:

Should you have any enquiry or would like to confirm the identity of one of our staff, you may contact us by phone at (852) 2283 7373 or by internet at email address For those who have conducted transactions with the suspected fraudsters, please report the matter to the police.